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    Paragon 25 Ranger logo on a boat

    Boat test Paragon 25

    The new Paragon 25 hits British shores, fresh from winning the ‘Motor Boat of the Show’ award at the 2008 Helsinki Boat Show.

  • Paragon 25
    Paragon Boat driving fast on the sea

    Tougher and more beautiful than ever. New Paragon 25.

    The new Paragon 25 was unveiled in November 2011 at Nimbus Boats, Lidingö, Sweden. The boat represents the second Paragon 25 generation, a beautiful year-round craft with a serious “must-have” factor.

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    Paragon 31 from Motor Boat & Yachting

    Motor Boat & Yachting’s boat test of the Paragon 31. See the January 2010 issue of the magazine for the full report. Visit; follow us at

  • Test
    Paragon 31 in Europe's premier motor cruising magazine

    The second coming

    Can Paragon’s new 31 build on the appeal of its smaller sibling and offer more space, agility and a ride that imparts a go-anywhere confidence?

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  • Paragon 31
    Paragon 31 in a big harbour

    Paragon 31 for commercial use

    The new 31 Cabin is reworked both inside and out to be a full-blooded commercial year-round boat. Material choices are robust and durable.