Tougher and more beautiful than ever. New Paragon 25.

Tougher and more beautiful than ever. New Paragon 25.
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Paragon Boat driving fast on the sea

Tougher and more beautiful than ever. New Paragon 25.

The new Paragon 25 was unveiled in November 2011 at Nimbus Boats, Lidingö, Sweden. The boat represents the second Paragon 25 generation, a beautiful year-round craft with a serious “must-have” factor.
Her predecessor quickly became unusually popular and more than 80 craft have been built. Paragon customers come from both the leisure and the professional sector.
‘We have listened to our customers, to both private people and professionals, and taken note of their invaluable opinions and requirements,’ said Jonas Göthberg, sales manager.
This work has brought results and several European sea rescue organisations have ordered Paragons for “Search and Rescue” operations.

Another market where Paragon Yachts have made their mark is Vestlandet in Norway, a coastal region famous for difficult weather conditions and heavy seas.
‘The boat is well-liked by professionals and it is important to point out that her amazing seaworthiness and the little bit extra she provides by way of driving pleasure and design make for a formidable pleasure craft. The Paragon 25 meets all the requirements boating people could need, irrespective of whether she is being used for transport, fishing, sports or bathing,’ said Per-Olof Rosland of Nimbus Boats, Stavanger, Norway.
Her lines and design have been made stricter and similar to big sister Paragon 31. The boat works equally well and has been further developed to be even more

New feature include:
• Deck and wheelhouse in the same clean lines as Paragon 31
• Higher stainless railings for more safety aboard and improved function for aft and side gates.
• Same heavier PVC bumper strip as Paragon 31
• Extended swimming platform

• Aft windlass with protective stainless frame.
• More light and airy salon and fore-cabin owing to new headliners and innerliners.
• More equipment including bow thrusters, WC, heater and defrost.
• The boat is built at the Storebro yard, the hub of the present and future Paragon model program.