Paragon 31 Winner ”Motorboat of the Year” – Wheelhouse and walkaround.

Paragon 31 Winner ”Motorboat of the Year” – Wheelhouse and walkaround.
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Picture that sais that Paragon 31 is a finalist in the motor boat of the year awards 2011

Paragon 31 ”Motorboat of the Year” Winner – Wheelhouse and walkaround.

“Craft with sit-up-and-beg wheelhouses might be sensible and serious, but with the best will in the world they’ve never been sexy… until now. Not only does the Paragon 31 look good, it drives even better. The 31 offers cruising comfort for four, easy-to-negotiate decks and excellent, hunkered-down outside helm for when you fancy deserting the clean-cut interior and grabbing a blast of fresh air. There are some nice engineering details worked in too, like the heated curved screen which means it won’t mist up.”

– Carl Richardson, Motor Boats Monthly

Jury’s comments:
“Our winner is a boat which every one of our judges would sell their
grandmother to own. It is robust, practical, cleverly designed, beautifully built
and above all an absolute hoot to drive whatever the weather conspires to
throw at you. Its deep V – hull will slice through seas at speeds which much
larger boats would baulk at, while its snug wheelhouse and flexible layout
makes long distance cruising a surprisingly comfortable proposition. It is of
course the Paragon 31.”

– Hugo Andreae, MotorBoat & Yachting